Half Fast Velo

Presented by Ninkasi Brewing


Half-Fast Velo was born from the notion that amateur bike racing in the U.S. has become too stodgy.  Too sponsored.  Too serious.  We don't want to play that way.

Just what is Half-Fast Velo serious about then?

Foremost, ride your bike and have fun doing it.  We take racing and riding seriously, but we don't take ourselves too seriously.  After all, this is amateur bike racing, not the Tour de France.  We aspire to share smiles, Ninkasi beers, and occasional hijinks with our teammates, family, friends and fellow riders.  If we don't finish a weekend of racing revitalized, then we're probably doing something wrong.

Does this mean Half-Fast Velo is not interested in winning?  Of course not!  We feel that winning comes naturally when a team is doing their best, having fun and working as a cohesive unit.

Finally, we are serious about service to our fellow racers and to our local community.  Whether that means hosting a race, introducing non-racers to the sport, or volunteer hours with various charities, HFV recognizes that our community of riders could not exist without the support of our community at large.